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You Need ArtificialCigarette®


Magnified View of the E-Z Quit Re-Usable Artificial Cigarette
Magnified View of the Re-Usable Plastic Cigarette


You do not light it.

When you inhale through an ArtificialCigarette, the cartridge releases a refreshing mint flavor that refreshes your mouth and occupies your taste buds.

The reusable ArtificialCigarette comes with three mint-flavored cartridge refills that last 45 days. (Each cartridge lasts about 15 days.) Additional flavored cartridges are available in packs of four (4) for $12.95 or packs of six (6) for $15.95.


E-Z Quit Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette at a Glance

  • Re-Usable Artificial Cigarette
  • No Nicotine, No Drugs
  • Over One Million Units Sold!
  • Over 21 Years On The Market
  • Use In All No-Smoking Areas
  • Perfect For Offices, Planes, Hospitals, Restaurants, Etc.
  • Money Back Guarantee


How ArtificialCigarette Helps

E-Z Quit Inc.'s ArtificialCigarette consists of a re-usable plastic cartridge holder and a special flavored cartridge with a scientifically formulated refreshing mint flavor. The flavored cartridge contains no drug nor nicotine. When you draw air through the cartridge holder, the flavored cartridge releases a mint flavor that refreshes your mouth and occupies your taste buds. Each kit contains one cartridge holder and 3 mint-flavored cartridges.

You can use the cartridge holder over and over again. As you inhale, you draw the fresh taste of the flavored cartridge.

Each flavored cartridge can last up to two weeks, or longer, depending on how often you use it. The ArtificialCigarette helps keep your hands busy and your mouth occupied.


How to Use E-Z Quit's ArtificialCigarette

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6-Week Supply

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